Friday, 9 October 2015

Saturday of the IC

This is the longest day of the IC.........

We have a general session in the morning where we hear the highlights of the big business meeting from Friday and this goes usually from 8 to noon. I decided to sit at the back of the room since I had both girls with me so that the room could get cleaned.  I never realised that when I twist my legs around each other when I sit, it gives me a muffin top! LOL  BTW, the shirt I am wearing here is a LARGE!!!!  I automatically went for the XL and it was swimming in it.  I was just glad that there was another one for me to swap out.

Looking at this picture it reminds me of how my mom reads her romance novels.  I think it is the way my left arm is positioned.  Ahh the days of mom reading LOL

So the afternoon was setting up for the auctions.  DevineW and LiLDevineW were there to help me out.  After looking at all the stuff after the Marine Mess last I am glad that we broke it up into 2 auctions. 

So I was able to leave the silent auction in the hands of DevineW and I headed back to the room.  I was soooo beat I decided to head back to the room for a nap.  I knew that Jong and Garcia were stopping in so I thought hearing his knock on the door would be enough to wake me up.  No such luck.  I had left the door propped open for them and the housekeeping staff actually stopped in to clean and she panicked when she saw the girls.  Lucky enough Garcia was there to calm her down and told her to come back tomorrow.  Where was I through all of this?  Sleeping.  Yup didn't hear a single thing.  Garcia gently closed the door and left me to sleep.  I woke up 2 hours later to get read for the bidding auction and the dinner.  This was the moment I have been working so hard for.  The past 9 months were for me to walk into a rom and make the DH say "wow that's my woe.  She looks great."

I freshened up and slipped into the purple dress and took a good long look in the mirror to see how I was looking.  Thanks to the help from Nash with my undergarments I think I pulled it all off!  The shoes looked really nice, my hair turned out and I really don't see anything that screams "stuffed sausage" :)

It took me some time to get used to the heels again, but I have to say, now that the weight is coming off, the knees don't hurt as much when I wear them.  Will I wear them more frequently?  Probably.

Here is what I look like all cleaned up ;)

I had a few compliments and even a cat call!  I walked into the conference centre and JU yelled "(DH) you don't deserve that!"  I was shocked that I got that compliment, but then I thought that the DH does deserve this.  I was also told that I have models legs since they are so long.  I know that I am not signing up with any agencies soon but I will keep that compliment under my hat :)

I was happy to have my little cups with me at the dinner.  Everything was set up "family style" so a big amount of food on a plate was passed around and you took what you wanted.  I talked to the DH about it and he said that if there was more food needed, the plates would be refilled and brought back out.  I am glad that I had this chat since I didn't go into the "grab it first" mindset.  It made for a nice relaxing meal.  Dessert came and it was an Italian Lemon cake and I have been making a conscious effort to cut back on the "white" carbs.  So when I saw the cake, there was a middle of cream (Merman thinks that it was ricotta) and that is all I ate.  It was quite a funny sight to see the end result.

And then things get interesting.........

The DH was talking to AlRoz and his girlfriend BollickS and the DH flags me over.  So I went over to see what was up and BollickS had the RNY and wasn't feeling well.  I asked what she had eaten and she then informed me that she had the pasta, some breaded pork chop and mashed potatoes.  I nearly fell over since she had enough starch in her system that a normal person would have consumed!  So as a result her stomach had gone hard and didn't know what to do with the food.  I told her what she had done and the only thing to do was to walk and sip water to help it all through.  I walked away absolutely shocked, thinking that this was RNY 101. 

She and AlRoz excused themselves for the rest of the night and I didn't see her again.

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