Friday 9 October 2015

Sunday of the IC

Wow......was I ever exhausted but I forged on........

The Sunday morning of an IC is to wrap everything up (literally and figuratively) and send everyone on their way.

We had one 2 little bits of business left to do......The charity fundraiser and to announce the total for the charity for the weekend.

Well in the past (too many to count...) there have been pies in the face.  It is usually the CS (President of the organization) and the IC Chair (the DH).  The DH and I talked about the pie thing and we both agreed that it has run its course and we needed something new.  That is when I mentioned the duct tape challenge.  Originally it was to have strips of duct tape sold to that we could tape them to the wall and take away the chair they were standing on to see if they would hold.  Well after seeing the conference centre, the masses decided that we should tape the DH and the CS together.  Then a bidding war started to see if they were to be face to face or back to back.  I am happy to say that we raised over $400 to have them taped face to face.

Once everyone paid up, the weekend was a great success!  We raised over $2000 so that will send 2 kids to NASA Space Camp for a week!  WOHOO!

So folks went on their way and I told those that were in the business meeting on Friday and missed out on the walking tour that I would be doing it again on Sunday afternoon.  We met in the front lobby and I was surprised to see that Jong came along a second time and brought Garcia with her.  So we had about 10 of us that were crossing the border for some fun.

Merman took this picture of me on the walking tour.  I think I was explaining the bit about all the tulips from Holland when he took it.  Either that or I am trying to be a body builder LOL

When we stopped for lunch at Burger King, I was able to chat with Victor and CoffeeVictor and I found out that they were at the table with BollickS last night and she neglected to tell me that she ate a whole bowl of salad plus what she told me.  No wonder she wasn't feeling well.  She had enough food to fill a regular tummy.  Victor made a note of how much she ate because he has had the sleeve done and was surprised at what she ate too. 
This is when we got in to a great discussion on health care.  I found out that there are 2 types of health care, one that gets you by and one that gets you the extras.  Well BollickS had the standard care where she was told to lose 10% of her weight and she gets the surgery.  Then she is left to live her life.  Victor had the "upgraded" version where it was like what I went through with the specialists but instead of Opti, he was to lose 10% of his weight.  This would explain sooooooo much now.
I was glad to stay one more night at the hotel so I could get some rest.  I don't think I could have gone home and unpacked everything the same day.

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