Friday, 9 October 2015

Decompression from the IC

Both the DH and I took the week off after the IC.  We made it home on Monday and slept (and did laundry LOL)

We packed up the Girls and ourselves and headed out on Tuesday to a KOA for the remainder of the week.  There were many campfires and we tried new things while we were out.

The DH tried to bake in the trailer:

And the muffins came out ok on the top but burnt on the bottom.  I was going to leave it to him to eat those up.
Nikki and went for a walk and I am sure she was glad to see the last of the 5K's LOL
It was nice to just lay in bed until 10 an know we didn't need to be anywhere.  I think the Girls appreciated the rest too!

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