Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I feel like the chorus to a Sawyer Brown song....

"The Race Is On" by Sawyer Brown


Now the race is on
and here comes pride in the backstretch
Heartaches goin' to the inside
My tears are holdin' back
They're tryin' not to fall
My heart's out of the runnin'
True love's scratched for another's sake
The race is on and it looks like heartaches
and the winner loses all

While I was at Wonderland with C & F and the DH, C and I started to talk about our weight loss. We have both reached roughly the same place to make it to "One"derland.  For those of you that live in "One"derland good for you.  But I have been able to visit for over 15 years and the last time before that was grade 9!

So C and decided that were were going to have a bit of a challenge to see who makes it to "One"derland first and the chorus of this song keeps rolling around in my head that the race is on.

We never did talk about a little wager but I was thinking that the one that gets to "One"derland could have a day at Canada’s Wonderland focused on them, but if it isn’t open…..a dinner at Canyon Creek Chophouse at Square “One” in Mississauga. 

Like the theme I ran with? LOL
I will let you know how things progress.

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