Thursday, 11 April 2013

April 9th……. Coco episode 2

Well I had my second session with Coco and I am beginning to think that she and I aren’t clicking.  I was there right on-time and I was told to wait to see her.  So I finally got in to see her and I told her what Dr. Poon had told me about Dr. Crystal and she then immediately said “we if he is a therapist too, maybe you should be seeing him in his home office and not me.”  She also agreed with Dr. Poon’s comment of eating a cow if that is what I am allowed.  She doesn’t seem to move the conversation along all that much either.  She will ask me a quick question, I give her a reply and then you can hear crickets.  I find that I am talking in circles hoping that she can give me some insight and it even got to the point of me saying “and I think that is where you come in” with not much of a reply.  She didn’t rebook me and she simply said “call me after you see the other doctor on Thursday and we will take it from there.”  Almost as if she was hoping that I wasn’t going to be allowed to see her again.  She was checking her watch a bit like I was taking up her time and by the time I go back to the car I wasn’t even in the office a whole hour.

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