Wednesday, 10 April 2013

March 29th A busy day for a day off......

We had today off from work since it had been Easter and I really didn’t miss chocolate all that much this year.  Normally we have it in the freezer as soon as it hits the shelves and we work away at it until it goes on sale after Easter and fill it up again.
This year I did something different and went with DoxyLover and her family to a fundraiser doggy Easter egg hunt.  It was to support the National Service Dog Society and I figure for $25 and there is swag at the end I wasn’t going to worry about.  Mel and Nikki enjoyed themselves and Nikki enjoyed her grass just like we were camping.
Mel enjoying the contents of one of the eggs she found.

Nik is wondering where hers was.

DoxyLover's Sophie trying to get at the loot.
Once I got back to the house with the girls we headed off to Brampton to have dinner with AirCoolin’ & CorrieFan as well as Maine & PizzaGuy and the kids.  We made beef stroganoff for the bunch of them and I made it pretty Poon Friendly but I ate the egg noodles to go with it.  I had the internal mind wrestling of not eating the noodles, but eventually I gave in.  I kept to the liquids the rest of the night and passed on the 2nd brownie with topping that Maine brought

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