Thursday, 11 April 2013

Tonight......The good or the ugly

Well tonight the DH leaves for New Orleans, and I hope that they take good care of him.  He had blast last time he was there and came home with some interesting food and informed that he ate crocodile.  It would be nice to go back and see how much of it has changed since I was there and see the highlights the DH is talking about.  He will be back late on Monday so I am hoping to get a full night’s sleep tonight ha ha

Tonight is also my appointment with Dr. Crystal and I guess I will find out what is going on.  I know I have gained since I last saw him in particular and he seems like and understanding guy so I am hoping that he doesn’t say “your head isn’t in it so you need to leave for someone that has the drive.”  Then where do I go?  I thought about the surgery again, but that really isn’t fixing what is going on upstairs.  I can lose the weight surgically, but there aren’t any guarantees that I will keep it off.
So we shall see what he says and I will let you know too.

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