Friday, 1 November 2013

A sign?

And no I don't mean a road sign either........

I had a voicemail left last night at home and it was Dr. Sarah's office calling saying that they needed to reschedule my appointment that I made for my physical on November 28th. 

Normally when I call during the day I am always in a queue for a bit to the point I have them on the speaker phone and I have been on so long that I forgot I called until I hear the "hello?" and it reminds me!  Well this morning it rang straight through to the receptionist and I was joking with her on how fast it happened!  I have to have my physical one year plus a day in order to have it covered by OHIP so that meant any time after the 22nd of November.  Well they didn't have Dr. Sarah's December schedule yet but the receptionist kept trying to get me in on Thursday the 8th.I repeated the details *again* and she mentioned the 7th *again* so I thought what the heck......make it the appointment I need to get the questions answered about gastric bypass.

This will work out perfectly since I am meeting up with Hills on Sunday afternoon to catch up on life and ask some questions that Kane has mentioned to me about colds etc.

So I guess I will wait and see but now it is 6 days instead of 27.

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