Wednesday 6 November 2013


I could use a lot of puns like “last night had a lot of information to digest” or “Hills and Mr. Hills had quite a mouthful to say” or “they gave me food for thought” etc. so I am going to leave it untitled.
Both of them were at different stages of the surgery and both of them said that there were over 400 pounds when they started the journey.  Hills is just shy of 2 years and her she is enjoying eating food as much as ever and her stomach still is 8 fluid ounces big.  I mentioned to them that on the forum I lurk through that there is one gal that keeps a container in her purse and when she eats she pulls it out, fills it up and whatever doesn’t fit goes in a box. I personally think it is a great idea since you don’t over eat.
They both enjoyed who they are before the surgery but Hills didn’t want to progress any further and end up like her mom so she is turning back the clock on her life.  She finds that she doesn’t like when she gets the “oh my gosh look at you” since she did for other reasons than looking good. Mr. Hills did his surgery since he didn’t want to lose his feet to diabetes.  To him this is the ultimate worst thing he could think of when he thought about his health. 
Pretty much everyone I have talked to would do it again in heart beat or wondered why they didn’t do it earlier.
I do realise that these folks have had a long and rough journey but apparently the rewards in the end are well worth it. I will see what Dr. Sarah suggests and I will let you all know too!

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