Monday, 4 November 2013

What a weekend!

Lots of people and lots of food is how I can sum up this weekend!

Friday night the DH was working until 1 am so I thought I would ask Miss Scrappy if she and Mr. Scrappy wanted to come over for a bit and a chat.  I was a little concerned that he might not want to come since there might too much estrogen in the house.  But he came along and we all enjoyed the night.  We had a spread of Chinese finger food for appetizers, lasagna and garlic bread for supper and lemon cake for dessert. I wasn't really hungry when they got there and I didn't stuff myself tot eh gills.  I ate a few of the spring rolls, picked at my lasagna and really didn't eat the garlic bread.  The slice of cake I took was average size so I think I did okay.  I am sure that they would have stayed longer if he didn't get texts from his mom to let the dog out LOL

Saturday Nikki and I were heading off to Milton to help RedRover out with some team testing.  Nikki tried so hard to stay wake with her vest on that I finally took it off her since she was fighting the sleep.  Once the 5 teams had passed the test RedRover brought out enough food to feed an army!  She had sliced meats, cheeses, chocolate and pops for us that were getting our dogs kids tested.  Well I had a few slices of turkey breast and a chunk of hard cheese and considered that lunch.  I remember a time when I would have put as much mayo and meat on 2 slices of white bread and still looked for more.  I just needed to satisfy the mouth again since I really didn't have a tummy rumble for lunch.  as Nikki and I were waiting for our turn for the kids test an executive was there fro St. John's and bought all of us coffee or hot chocolate.  I was gracious and took the hot chocolate but it wasn't as I remembered with when I would get an XL one for the flavour.

Nikki passed her kids test in 5 minutes and even sat for a little girl to read to her so know Red Rover wants us to get into a kids group home in the area and I am sure they will love Nikki's "dead cockroach" for tummy rubs :)

I get home and decided to have a nap since the kid test was so chaotic that I couldn't focus and Nikki actually put her head on my lap when the girl was reading to her.  That is when I figured I needed to get out of there.  Once I woke up from my nap, the DH let me know that my BiL in Ottawa was on his way to crash at our place before heading to the farm on Sunday to see my FiL. So I guess the steaks I took out for supper will have to wait since I am not feeding 2 but 5 for supper.  So off we went to Yong's for the buffet.  I was glad for the seating arrangement we had since I couldn't really get up to get my own food so I relied on the DH and really paced myself with the food I had.  I normally would have eaten it all and then got up for another plate, but this way I was able to take my time, enjoy the bites and let it settle before racing up again.

I understand that this is the way BPS patients need to eat.  They need to chew it until it becomes and applesauce consistency since the pouch needs the help.  I also have found a BGP support forum in Ontario and there is a group meeting on the 26th.  I know the Hills hasn't heard of it since she was excited to go when I offered to take her.

As I regress, the gang came back to the house and Little L was bored and decided that Nikki needed to be comfy when she feel asleep.  There are various pictures on Nikki having the patience of a saint but I like this one:

Sunday I was to meet with Hills but she came down with something and wanted to reschedule. So we are going to try Tuesday night so I am sure I will have a post to tell you all at that point LOL

So I spent the day on the couch and enjoyed a snooze before I headed off to the 2nd job.  Once I got there I really didn't want to eat that much but eventually I had a tummy ache from hunger.  I broke down and had something to eat but didn't enjoy it.  I really had a "blank palate" of what I wanted.  I have had a good solid week of this and I think Susanne is right, I have no interest in food when I am not told 'no'

So until my next post, enjoy your week!


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