Monday 11 November 2013

Sooper Bizzy…….

Well I had the appointment with Dr. Sarah as most of you saw and I ended up with more yeses than noes on her little test for GBS. So I figured that I had the go ahead from Dr. Sarah and I was already to defend myself to her in regards to GBS and I didn’t get a single back lash or any type of trouble!  She told me that my blood that she has in my file is almost a year old so I have to get new blood work and we are going to have 2 sets of blood work done on Tuesday.  Dr. Sarah was nice about it all she even asked me what hospital I wanted to go to.  So I guess the ball is starting to roll so we will see how my journey goes.
Susanne has mentioned to me that I should get into the mind set of eating as if I was post op and so I have been doing that this week.  I am surprised how I am able to maintain myself on a smaller amount of food.  I also have been told to drink a litre of water a day which isn’t that big of a deal since I can do that in the morning.
This weekend was the R7 Conference that was just outside of Baltimore and the DH and were heading down since this is his last “appearance” as a CS so I decided to tag along too.  I knew there was going to be lots of food, since there were 2 meals out and room parties as well so I really wasn’t that stressed about eating.
On the way down I ordered a happy meal at McD’s and I ate the kid’s size fries and a simple cheese burger and I saved my yogurt.  I was pretty happy with myself since I didn’t give it a second thought when I ordered the happy meal.
We stopped in at the hotel restaurant for lunch and we both ordered Caesar salad and chicken parmesan.  I didn’t eat all of my salad and was happy to leave some behind and when the main came I was surprised at the big size.  So at this point I prioritised what was in the bowl and I enjoyed the chicken and the cheese and the few mouthfuls of pasta. DANG!!!!  I my leftovers are still in the hotel fridge!!!!  Shows you that I wasn’t obsessing about it LOL
Friday supper was a buffet that you pay what your container weighs.  We had the options of a large container (used for larger salads) or a smaller container that I would say rivals a hamburger box. Well my dinner was a smaller box of a bit of mac n cheese, a few ribs and 2 pieces of General Tao’s chicken.  I did have a 2nd smaller container of fruit and yogurt since I have dreadfully missed yogurt over the past 2 years.
Breakfasts on the weekend were a little tougher since it had been so long since I was able to have pork bacon that I might have indulged on that.  I am not saying I ate all of Bessie and left none for anyone else but I did have 2 helpings.
So now I am back and I am not feeling too bad about my eating on the weekend and I had a blast since we have been asked to come back down for next year LOL
I can just see Susanne telling me to give myself a pat on the back for my efforts this weekend.

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