Thursday, 11 December 2014

What a journey!!!!!!!

I originally had posted "what a trip" in the title but a trip means a holiday in my mind.  This past week wasn't a vacation. :D

Let me start off by saying that the DH has been nothing more than AWESOME through all of this. he has been my butt kicker, my medicine man and greatest supporter.

I will be breaking this up into different posts so that you will won't be swamped with so much stuff.

Friday Before Surgery
I was treating it like any other day and Nikki and I had reading group all day.  

Our first stop was at RLPS where the whole class made me get well cards and wanted to eat something special as a farewell.  They decided that since they know I like hot chocolate and over heard a story about Puppy Pancakes that was what we were to have.  I didn't have the heart to tell the kids I couldn't eat any of it since I was on Opti, but I did pull the teacher aside and she snuck me an herbal tea and the pancakes were for Nikki. The kids all gave Nikki a hug good-bye since we weren't going to be back until the new year.

Our visit at ICPS was a different story all together.  We went, we read, we told the student that we are now done until after Christmas and got a non-chaluant "okay" and off she went.  Kind of a let down really.  I wasn't really expecting a grand farewell like we got in the morning, but something that made me feel like we would be missed.

I headed over to see V to get my nail polish taken off and realised that I forgot to call the surgeon's off to see when my surgery was on Monday.  Well I got through and found out I am the first one at 7:45 am and I needed to be at the Hospital for 6 am. I also found out that I had to remove all my nail polish and just not the first fingers. :(

I worked my shift at the other job and it was just me and my opti.  There was an oopsie pizza sitting at the back that looked delicious.  I did have the thought of "eat a piece, you have had opti all this time and there isn't much more you an do. So I had a bite.  The taste was sooooo good on my tongue and then the brain kicked in.  I didn’t even get to the swallowing part and I was spitting it out.  I guess I am tougher than I thought.


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