Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fingers crossed that I didn't look like this!

Well I wore the new skirt into the office and there was a joke about the weather changing since the ExecDir said she could see my ankles LOL  I will tell you that it was a change from the big flowing skirts I have been wearing with boots all winter.  My biggest concern was how my but looked in the skirt since I don't recall looking into the mirror to check it out.  I was concerned that I looked like Kim Kardashian walking away!

But Nash put that fear to rest!  As I was cooking some dinner with her and DentisT she simply said "you butt looks great in that skirt."  So I thanked her and continued cooking.  Problem solved :D

Next problem I am having is buying tops.  I know I am a particular size at Wally-Mart so I know to grab that and go.  Well I hit a larger Wally-Mart that has started carrying a different line of clothing and I grabbed the same size.  Well I got that one home and it is swimming!  I guess I am going to intentionally shrink this one so I don't slosh around in it.

I also quickly went quickly through the other closet to find some tops to wear with jeans that I can wear to the office.  Well I had quite a few that are a few more pounds away until I can wear them since there was a bit of a paunch at the tummy that didn't look right.  Now the DH suggested that I try them on with pants since they will sit differently.  But I figured that since the "trouble" area was above the pants I kept running to the mirror sans pants LOL

So since Friday is a day off from Therapy Dogs, I am going to take this time to purge the closet and the last unpacked bag that is under the DH's shirts.  I think there just might be stuff that I am going to be giving to the Sally Ann that might have price tags still on them!

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