Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Too tiny!

Well I had to get some new clothes.  For most gals this is more than a good reason to go shopping but I was feeling a little discouraged.  I really don’t know what size I am anymore since the clothes I have are hand me downs from Miss A and who knows if she had sewn any of them and also after numerous washings I am sure that they might have shrunk.  Either way, some of her skirts are slipping off my hips or they simply look too big when I look in the mirror.  So I decided to hit up the charity shops and the liquidation centres since there was no point on paying full price for something that I will “shrink” out of in a few months.
So after my woes I had after my session with Susanne I bit the bullet and headed to Oakville on Thursday.  I was having training in the area and since we got out early and I was meeting the Edge and GG until 6 I thought I would hit 2 plus sized stores that were near the restaurant.
I strolled into Additional-Elle that is sized 14+ and thought that there has to be hope here.  I asked if they had any long black skirts and I was told that they had a few.  The sales girl eyed me up and down and tried to guess what size I was.  She first brought me an size that seemed right only to find that it was too big.  I did like the style and the material and asked if they had it in a size smaller.  Well it got tot he point that they couldn't go any smaller because the store didn't carry it!  I had shrunk to the point that nothing fit!
So I headed off to the other store and thought it is worth a shot and if I have shrunk out of this store I will be dead impressed with myself LOL.  I walked in and asked the same question and the sales girl went nuts!  I think I tried abut 26 skirts and some of them I didn't even try on since I didn't like the material or the style.  Once everything was said and done I found 2 skirts that put me in the second to smallest sizes for this store and I went to cash out.  I found out that both skirts were on sale and came to less than $40 after taxes!
So I headed over to the restaurant with my purchases and was excited to see GG and the Edge.  The Edge was so happy about my size that she said "come here and let me hug the skinny girl!"  I was glad that she noticed a difference so I am sure the DoxyLover will be impressed when I see her soon too.
After hanging with the gals on Thursday I saw Montgomery on Friday since I had 4 boxes of cereal that TP brought up from Buffalo.  While she was over I showed her the skirts I bought and she all of a sudden had a look of shock on her face. I found out that the one skirt I had bought on Thursday had the original price tag of $145 and I got it for $20!  I didn't even notice the original price just the sale price when I bought it.  I guess I won't be going back to that 14+ for a full price item :)

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