Thursday, 2 April 2015

No commercials!

I am sorry for the long delay since my last post since I know there are a few “lurkers” that have come forward stating that it has been a while.  With those of you that have come out of the “lurking closet” to let me know that you have been reading for a while and are proud of me, I thank you. 

This blog was to help me keep a journal of my adventures since the days of LDS paper journaling have long gone for me.  I remember watching RaRaRa write in hers every night and I used to this when I was at home at Mom’s.  I have looked back on them on occasion and smiled.  It is amazing what I thought was of vast importance back then and I am sure if I go back and read what I wrote when I started this blog I will get the same reaction.
That being said, here is your next episode of “Tales of the Tiny Tummy”
Since my last post Mom has been down and I went through the stuff she brought me.  I am not sure what her friend looks like but my hips and her hips are nowhere close to each other.  All the pants would fit around the waist but the hips made me look like I was wearing jodhpurs!   For those of you that are wondering what the heck they are, these are them.
Ya know if you Google this there are really confused folks out there.  I was finding pics of breeches that were full seated one and even styles on the runway.  O_o
Anyway, I have purged the middle closet and have reduced by a shelf and half.  What is left in there?  Well that would be the clothes that are still too lightweight to wear but fits and my “few more pounds and I can wear it” wardrobe.  Since I know what C likes to wear I divided the clothes out to charity and C’s.  C is getting a garbage bag and working on a second one, and the charity shop got 2 garbage bags of stuff. I know that C & F have just moved so she asked me to hang on them a bit longer.  No biggy since I keep adding to the piles.
I keep adding shirts that are just not fitting right anymore.  I am finding myself looking down at the body of the shirt and pulling it side to side thinking that I am swimming in it.  The shoulders aren’t fitting either.  I am finding that I am sitting at my desk and I look over my shoulder to talk to the boss and I see a bra strap peeking out since the shirt is slipping off my shoulder.  That makes the shirt go into the pile too.
I was sick as well since my last post.  I headed home from the day job on Monday not feeling 100% and worked the second job to wake up on Tuesday feeling like death warmed over.  The DH was great and headed out to Wally-Mart to get me some meds before headed off to work.  I ended up sleeping the morning away and vegged in front of the upstairs TV for the afternoon.  Lucky enough I didn’t need to work during the day on Wednesday and slept some more.  I finally had enough meds in me to work the 2nd job that night and headed back to the office on Thursday.  Reading group in the a.m. was cancelled since they had a field trip of mini-putting so I still didn’t feel 100% so I decided to bow out of the p.m. reading group.
With me not feeling well I really didn’t weigh myself all week and so when I finally did on Friday I had hit the 60 pound mark!  I was feeling pretty good but I didn’t want to jinx it so I just accepted it and chalked up to being sick.  The DH is concerned that I might be losing too fast and what happens if I drop below the target weight?  I guess only the staff at TWH can tell me when I have a follow up. So when I go back to TWH on April the 8th to check out my blood work to see if I am getting enough nutrients and vitamins I should ask how things are faring.
Well I did something I thought I never would do again since my last post.  I went to the Manadarin with the DH, DoxyLover and her DH.  I was nervous to see her since I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and also I was wondering how I was going to deal with the all the eating that goes on.  Well she was very proud of the work that I had done and said that it looks like she is only talking to 2/3 of me LOL I was able to explain to Mr. DoxyLover the surgery since he hadn’t heard all the details yet and was really shocked about what I went through.  When the hostess sat us at the table I took out my little card and she said that she was going to talk to her manager.  I thought I was going to have to go on the defensive since the things I have read on some of my forums the Mandarin hadn’t wised up to WLS yet.  So he came back and said that he would be happy to charge me a child’s rate which was only $10 for the lunch!  Geez, I am a cheap date LOL So I was very selective on what I put on plate.  I had a lot of “self-chat” of what the brain wanted for lunch and then I needed to remind myself of the BLT size.  It actually wasn’t that bad only taking part of a Lo Mein noodle, or just one rib.  When I sat back down I was looking at the plate and only took 1 or 2 bites of each item and now I realise that my taste buds have changed.  The bite of the rib I took didn’t taste like the way I remember it.  I wasn’t even thinking of taking a second bite.  Shrimp on the other hand…….for some reason I never touched it before surgery and now I don’t mind it and look forward to trying different variations on it.  So I am proud of how I handled myself and who else can say that they went to the Mandarin and lost weight? Ha ha
I haven’t been to a BWLSSG for a while since they were having it a very busy coffee shop.  I have missed the chatter on what is coming up next for me but I am sure there is one in April that I can get too.
So that gets you up to date on me and the tiny tummy and it was commercial free!

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