Monday 20 July 2015

The sitting situation

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Well I have hit the point where I don't think I have any padding left on my bottom. 
I realised that I was in some trouble on our way to New Jersey a few weeks ago.  I tried to sleep in the car while the DH drove and I ended up waking myself up because of a sore tailbone!  I tired adjusting myself in the seat but nothing seemed to work unless I sat more upright.  At this point I just gave up.  and before you even suggest it, I am NOT getting a hemorrhoid ring to sit on either!
I am also having issues at the office in my chair.....I will get all comfy and start work and after about an hour, I need to get up and go for a walk since I seem to seize up in my butt.  I can't explain it other than the fact I shuffle along like a 100 year old woman until I take about 20 steps and work it all out.
I do have so me good news though.......I fit into chairs better.  I have had 2 situations that I can recall and one is at the VIP seating seeing "Spy" with Maine.  The seats in the VIP seating are bigger than the normal seats so I thought I would try an experiment.  Now for those of you that know Nash, she is a thin & leggy gal that can pretty much fit into a suitcase if she tried (maybe on a drunk night and dared too LOL.) but when she sits in a regular seat she is able to sit like this:

So In my mind I thought I would try it in the VIP seating....and I was able to!  I was shocked since there used to be too much "bulk" around my legs that I couldn't fold them up.  So I was more than happy to sit like that for a bit but then my feet fell asleep :(  but I was glad to know I could do it!
The other time was this weekend........I was at the baseball game with C and I was able to sit in the regular seats with some space to share (since the lady on the right needed some extra space for herself) and I was able to pull me feet up onto the wall in front of me so the tops of my feet could get some sun!  I think that if I had my ~90 pounds from before I would have had sweat from places I didn't know could sweat and I would have felt the tight squeeze to sit through almost 8 innings in the sun.
So I am going to talk the Chiro and see if he has suggestions for the sore bottom and see if there is anything that can be done.

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