Thursday, 23 July 2015

Well I am wired.....

and it had nothing to do with caffeine LOL

I have had my heart rate monitor on for almost all 48 hours (bring on 2:15 pm today!!!) when I can disconnect myself.  This is half of the connections that I have stuck to me:

You will have to imagine where the other 4 are since I wasn't going to make this blog into a rated R version!  Needless to say they are still on my truck and every once in a while the one on the left side by waist gets itchy.  I was texting with my cousin HeatheRN last night and I was asking her what I could use to get all goo off when I am done.  Her response was "alcohol and not the drinking kind!"  Thanks.

I would like to thank the DH for his help with this since I have been getting my hair stuck in the "glue" in the connections that are closer to my collar bone.  As you know I am still losing my hair and I really didn't need to loose more involuntarily!

The little box that I am holding is what is recording all in the information and I feel like I am walking around with a Walkman.  Yes I said a Walkman since it is slung around my shoulders like I used to wear one in middle school and I was cleaning the house.  Y'all remember what I am talking about...don't deny it.

So once all results are analyzed and sent back to Dr. Sarah I will find out where we go from there.

I also had a follow up with the Physiotherapist and she is happy with my progress but I still have a few loose crystals and I am still lagging in the brain/eye coordination department so she has me doing some exercises and will see me again in 2 weeks.

Counting down the next hour and half........

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