Thursday, 16 July 2015

Well I am not brain damaged

But the fall of a horse (or 2) a tractor slip and 2 spills did knock a few things around.

Did you know that you have crystals in your ear?  They are there normally and sit on some fine hairs that tell your brain about your balance.  Mind decided to take a walk and ended up in the wrong part of my ear sending the wrong signals to the brain.

So the Physiotherapist rolled my head around and around to work the crystals back into the write spot and I will be back to "my" normal in a few days and see her again in a week to make sure that they stay put.

In the mean time I am getting fitted with a Holter monitor on Tuesday.  This is a little device that records my heart rate for 48 hours straight and then they look at the results.  So here is hoping that they see something with the heart rate to figure out the black outs.  I hope that I don't walk around beeping like an R2 unit while I am in the office LOL

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