Thursday 15 November 2012

Caught up to speed.....

Let’s see since Halloween……..
I had my weekly check in and I think I am getting into the groove of them.  I find that I am not doing the “I have 3 days left before my weigh in…..” type of attitude.  I have been able to look at it one snack at a time and I was hoping the scale would reflect that…..Nope.  Apparently I can gain 8 pounds of fat in a week since that is what the scale said.  O_o  I tried to figure out where it came from and I am glad that I went to dinner with P since she thought it was odd to.  It was nice to eat at a restaurant with another Poon’er so that we can compare notes on the menu LOL  It doesn’t help that she is on Phase 2, but we swapped ideas over some fat free ice cream at Marble Slab.

A friend (I will call “Mini”) had her 40th so we headed to Boston Pizza and some bowling.  I am kind of glad that Boston Pizza is getting the healthier band wagon so I was going to order the steak and veggies.  It also sme with a salad on the plate and instead of getting a wilted salad I asked if they could bring the salad portion out as a starter.  My salad came and I was a good girl and picked out the onions and gave them to Mini and I put the carrots aside.  She ordered the pulled pork and I was looking at it and in a past life that would have made me drool.  I looked at it this time and thought of the salt in the sauce and how the bun would have sit like lead in my tummy.  My steak came out and it too had salad with it.  I mentioned to the waitress I was going to grow bunny ears!  So I just ate the cucumbers that were in it and carried on.

Miss A here at work has taken over for Ohio and she is fitting in really nicely.  She has me hooked on sugar free Hawaiian punch!  She has found it at the dollar store and offered me a packet.  Well I tell you…..I am definitely getting in my water in now!  She makes mention of carbs at work, and it is interesting to be the outside looking on what others eat.  She had rice cakes today and I did the math that I could eat just 1/9th of one.  Not worth it in my mind.

I had my other weekly weigh in last night and whichever documentation you look at I am down either way.  If we go by last week, I am down 10.5…….if you look at 2 weeks ago, I am down 2.5.  Needless to say I have added 2 more pink jewels to my bracelet!!!!!!  I just could get rid of that other half pound for an even three LOL  Dr. Merchie wanted me to go to Phase 2 for 3 days of the week.  For those of you that were wondering, that introduces whole fruits and other veggies as well as some dairy back into the diet.  I have almost lost 10% of my initial body weight and I guess it is the next step.  I decided to keep to Phase 1 for another week since I have an appointment with Dr. Ferguson and I want to show a big number for here than I was less than a year ago.  So who knows….I guess I got comfortable with Phase one and made it work (kind of) for me.

I have been able to make a deal with the DH for a treadmill.  Yes a treadmill. The DH said that if I made the space that he would help get it.  I also have asked him to give a kick in the butt to get on it too.  I plan on getting on it on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.   If I get called into Topper’s on Tuesday, I will bump it to Friday.  I also told him that if it sat for a month not being used, he is more than happy to Kijiji it.  So Mom was over last weekend and we went through my room (the spare bed and sewing room) together and donated box of stuff and threw out 3 bags of garbage to make room.  So I have saved my Topper’s money and been able to get almost $300 for it and I have asked for the rest of the treadmill for Christmas. 

This is the one I am hoping to get (Gold Gym's 410) and the price isn’t that bad either …..

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