Friday 23 November 2012

Gotta push through.......

No more excuses!!!!!!

I have a free night to spend it with the DH and what I am going to do???????  I was thinking to myself that I should take the time to relax with him since we are like 2 ships in the night recently between my other job, feeling drained of energy and he is now part of the on-call rotation for his work.

I also have had an "meh" day of eating and what they say is true....Garbage in...garbage out. I have felt great all morning with my egg whites and water in me and then I had an okay build my own salad from Longo's with Miss A and I picked up few things to make for supper and then I discovered sugar free wafers from Vortmans......I have had a couple of these wafers this afternoon to treat myself and now I feel like I am going to drift off for a nap!

I have noticed on the FB page that the newbies will go nuts on the store/packaged stuff and then complain about energy levels being low.  I guess the Daddy Poon smarts have struck again! LOL

The more I think about the more I think that I can't come up with excuses not to get on the treadmill.  That was the whole reason for getting it was not to have excuses.  I am sure I could have used the weather, the wind or even a crack in the sidewalk as an excuse not to leave the house.

So I am going to get a start on the supper and while it is in the oven for 30 minutes I plan on taking my 20 minutes on the treadmill.  It is only 20 minutes right?  I am sure that the DH can find some emails to reply to while I am gone LOL

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