Thursday, 22 November 2012


What a time I have had in the past few days!

The treadmill was lugged and set up by the greatest DH in the world!!!!  It was set up and working by 10 pm Friday night.  I am glad that he helped since there was some electronics involved that I know i was going to screw up LOL

The day job is getting good since they have hired some more ladies to help lighten the load and fill  in some holes for ladies that are like Snow White.  I just know she had back issues and then she was off.  DoxyLover has been taking over her desk since Snow White left.  I found out that DoxyLover was getting "lamb basted" by few of Snow White's clients and that is why DoxyLover was in a funk last week.  She seems to be back to her good old self and really wants to have dinner with the DH and at some point at her place.  I can just her Nikki and her new boyfriend Cooter having fun in their back yard.

The other job have been crazy!  Corporate has taken over and I have been asked to fill in some shift of the drivers that the old owner stole to take to his only store.  So I have been working 4 nights a week at until 11 and I am thinking that I can't keep going on like I am.  So I talked to the store supervisor and mentioned to him that I can help him out next week for 4 shifts, but after that I need to cut back.  At least that gives them a week and half to get a new driver in.

Saturday I decided to give the treadmill a 20 minute cardio walk in bare feet.  I just did, not rhyme or reason so don't ask :)  Well I went 5 pin bowling against the Klingons and I did horribly because of the 2 blisters I got on the balls of meet from the treadmill.  My fault I know.  My feet are all better, so I am hoping to get back on the treadmill this weekend (with sneakers) so that I can go with Ohio on the Frosty 5K in March in Burlington.

My game and frame was sucking big time so I had some fun and granny bowled the rest if the frame:


This is the Feddie side of the Challenge and we are looking to redeem ourselves next year!!
 I saw the MD this morning and she is pleased as punch about my weight loss and she is glad to see that I have lost 14 kgs (or 31 pounds) in the year since my last visit.  I am no further ahead with the stitch in my side since the report from my scan said that all is well.  So I am off to see the surgeon again in the middle of December.  Until then, I will just keep a note of when the pain hits and what I am doing and eating.
We got a few pictures back from Halloween so her is Nikki and I.  I was the vet and she was my patient.


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