Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I have to admit it has been hard……

Since corporate has taken over I have been trying to the “team player" and helping out where I could so that I will be memorable when it comes the time for them to sell it again.  This means I have been working off my butt (figuratively) since I have picked up a 4th shift and the kitchen staff has taken some of the roles I use to do around the driver’s area.   I have to say that the money has been okay since I have been able to pay for most of the treadmill mill and I still need $100 to cover it and I have been able to pay for my gas in cash.  Now I am saving up for some new tires, but I think that they will take precedence over the last little bit for my treadmill. 

I also have been struggling again with passing all the fast food joints coming and going from the day job.  I can be sitting at a set of lights and I will notice people eating in their cars.  Things can range from an apple to full blown burgers and pop.  That will usually start my mind turning on what I want to eat for supper.  And of course the power of suggestion kicks in as I am driving past a location but I am usually running late and need to get Nikki home before my shift starts. 

Also being at the store for 5 ½ hours at a time, and you are able to take a sit down makes for idle hands and idle mouth.  I am afraid that I have started a trend of BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes) instead of eating.   But I have noticed that a series of BLT’s might be a cause for more food consumption.  So I need to slow down on my eating and really enjoy what I am eating.  I have been in a rush and I am eating for the sake of eating.  I have been eating Poon-friendly stuff….but not enjoying it. 

I was at a brunch for C’s 50th on Sunday and I ordered the steak and 3 poached eggs and the steak and mushrooms on it.  I was too busy with chatting and worrying about my time line in getting back, I honestly can’t tell you if the steak was good or not.  But I do remember watching C enjoy her chocolate chip pancakes since she is putting Poon on hold until after her surgery and her sister STR enjoying hash browns and hash.  The meal was a blur but I think I ate LOL. 

This morning I took the bulls by the horns and decided that I had packed a sufficient amount of food for today that there was no need to stop at Tim’s for an egg white and a tea, or to stop at McD’s for an egg and ham with a diet coke.  I will admit it took all I could to keep on the straight and narrow, but I needed to start again. 

The weather was Nikki friendly in Barrie so she was having her first romp of the season LOL

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