Thursday, 9 April 2015

A day of follow ups

Well I had a few appointments yesterday that I can post about J

The first one was getting my hair done with CC and I wanted to make sure that she knew about my hair loss. She mentioned that with the weight loss in my face, my scalp most likely has shifted and that is why the old hair cut just wasn’t a vigour in curls as it used to be.  I never though about fat being stored in the top of my head, but I guess I am not a “fat head” anymore LOL  So we decided that since the hair is being lost at the root, I will start “wisps” of hair that would contrast with my length when it grows back in so we went much shorter.  So know I have a head of curlier hair and with that the new hair won’t be that much noticeable compared to the old cut.  The waves/ringlets at my temple will hard to get to since I can see them just at my peripheral vision and I keep thinking my hair has gone crazy J  it is only hair and I am sure it will be fine.  Before you say anything about styling or product, I am a wash a wear kind if gal so the best you are going to get out of me a few seconds long in the mirror fluffing the ‘do.
She also mentioned that my eyebrows seemed thinner too.  The hairs themselves were growing in all sorts of spots like they do, but she didn't rip out a second eyebrow worth of hairs this time. 
From there it was off to TWH for my 3 month (actually 4 moths had lapsed) appointment with the Nurse.  This is the appointment where she looks at the blood work that I had taken a few weeks and go and see if I am deficient in any areas due to the malabsorption of the Tiny Tummy.
While I was sitting in the waiting room filling out yet another survey about me here and now, I had a lady sit down beside me and looked nervous.  Nikki actually picked up her jitters and Nikki wouldn’t sit still.  So when I finished my survey I asked if she was alright only to find out that she is just starting the journey and had her Social Worker’s appointment at 4.  So we started chatting and she asked me all kind of questions which I was more than happy to answer since I was there before.  She asked me how much I had lost, so I told her.  She then asked when my surgery was, so I told her.  Then she was shocked and replied that by looking at me I should have been for at least a 1 year follow up since I was so skinny!  I blushed, thanked her and thought to myself I am still in the process of losing so I wonder what I will look like a year from now and what will the waiting room think of then?  I guess I will have to wait and see.
Well I found out that I am normal!  I asked if I could get that in writing J  I am not deficient in any vitamins or minerals and my good cholesterol is up.  I have also dropped out of the “pre-diabetic” range which I was in before the surgery.  I was at 63 points, normal is 60 points and I am now at 57 points!  That is load off my mind since we all know that it runs strongly through my Dad’s side of the family.
The only thing that concerned her was my bad cholesterol had not changed. She thinks there are two reasons for this.  My blood work said it was a “random” cholesterol test which means I didn’t fast which affects the results and the other is I have fallen into a newbie pitfall.  We have been told over and over again to eat moist proteins and if they aren’t to add sauces such as gravy.  Well that is what I have done.  Every time we are at the Swiss, I put dipping sauce on my white meat and when we have roast beef I add mushroom gravy.  So I have been advised to try it first before adding the sauces and then add it gradually so that I am able to cut back on it.
So I took that into consideration when I met the Little Brother and the Girlfriend for dinner since I didn’t feel like dealing with downtown traffic in the truck.  I ordered the pork chop that came with a spiced apple sauce, mashed potatoes and rapini.  Well I started in on the chop and by passed the potatoes and the applesauce.  The rapini was a little on the raw side for my liking so I just took the pork chop home.  I don’t feel like I missed anything since I took small bites of each and focused on my protein.
So I am going to do it all again on June the 3rd, but this time I am at TWH from 10 am to 4 pm seeing the psychologist, nutritionist and the nurse again with new blood work results.

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