Tuesday, 14 April 2015

People get confused easily.

I have to admit that I had a great weekend this week.  I had a St John Conference that everyone in Ontario got to go. So RedRogers and I were there and an gal I will talking about in the future so I am going to call her GrayHorse.  There was over 300 people there that were either administration, MFR (Medic First Responder) or Therapy Dog.  So as per usual I take the Nikki Noodle and she wears her vest. 

Well I have to say when you have a group of folks that are around the Therapy Dogs on a regular basis some forget that some can be a service dog and therapy dog.  Nikki is a dual purpose dog and is one of these.  She knows the difference between her vest and her bandana because of the way I talk to her and the way that I put them on her. I will tell Nikki it is time to go work and she put her head through the vest.  I will tell her that it is time for hugs and snuggles and I will tie the bandana around her neck.  The want us to start using a large cotton vest for the dogs and I am going to have to figure pout a way to put it on her so that she doesn't get confused.  I think I will modify it with Velcro at the neck so it goes on the same way as the bandana and then since up the waist. /me pondering

Anyway, I would walk to the registration to get my badge and I would have to tell one person not to pet her since she is working.  As I am telling this person, I turn around and see more hands on her back.  SHEESH!  So I finally get to my seat and divert a bunch of "drive by petting" that Nikki got.

We get in line for lunch and was soooooo cold from the conference room that I put my Therapy Dog jacket on to stay warm.  I wasn't the only one that was cold so I can't say that I got the post surgery chills that others get from losing weight.  Well a lady from "the Sue" as we call it was all excited that there was a Therapy Dog to pet.  I asked her not to since Nikki was working and can't be distracted.  Well that is when she decided to have an adult temper tantrum. She rather rudely said that I shouldn't be so confusing with wearing a therapy dog jacket and have a service dog.  I calmly replied that Nikki is wearing a service vest that should have addressed the issue of her working or not.  Well she huffed and looked at her friend that was with her and her friend just shook her head at me.  REALLY!?!?!

So I grabbed my little bites of food and headed back to the table of 6 and started to relay my story with the group of the ladies that were there.  In the meantime the hospitality staff came over and wanted to take my plate away thinking I was done!  He thought what I took was the leftovers I didn't want.  I told him that I haven't even started yet and he cleared someone else's plate.  Wow....I officially eat the equivalent to table scraps.  No wonder the DH and I can share a steak LOL  So I ate my bits of chicken and tomatoes and called it lunch.

I decided that I had some time left I would let Nikki go out to romp and do her business.  Well she was out there she played and I soaked up some sun since it was warmer than tee-shirt and a light jacket weather.  She was her little solar panel for a bit too and just squinted her eyes at me in enjoyment.  As we were walking back I caught a sideways glimpse of myself in a mirror.  I did a recheck since I really didn't see the "muffin top" on top of my jeans.  I then realised that I have been looking at myself straight on when I get out of the shower and see small differences.  It wasn't until I saw myself sideways that I am starting to look like the girl in my head. I had a little smile as I walked down the hall back to my seat for the rest of the conference.

The afternoon sessions were "break away" tracks that focused on the areas we were in and I this is where I found out that RedRogers is leaving us to go back home to Newfoundland.  I know she is taking a lot of knowledge and her 2 Westies with her and that leave GreyHorse as the new area manager.  I was able to talk to her and she has asked for some help so I offered to help out with keeping track of the volunteer hours and keeping the vaccination records for everyone.

Needless to say people are confusing!

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