Thursday, 23 April 2015

More Changes

Well I things have been changing some more since my last post.

Down 66 pounds!  I was concerned about the stall (in fact a 4 pound gain) and thanks to Mother Nature, it is gone as well as another pound.  This is the first time in 4 months that "it" has fluctuated my weight so I guess I will be more conscious or the scale every 28 days.

Another change that is happening is that I am walking out of another pair of jeans.  I dug them out of the 2nd closet on the weekend thinking that they were going o be snug.  Not quite, but I wore them as they were.  I had them on again last night when DentisT was over and I kept pulling them up and stepping on the bottoms of the legs.  I guess by the end of the week they will be in the charity pile.

I honestly went looking for a pair of jeans that I thought I held on to from many moons ago.  They were a smaller jean from a now extinct Cotton Ginny.  I loved this store in high school and Curl and I were talking about how I looked in their taper legged jean. (Good grief, we have been friends that long?!?!?!?) Anyway, I thought that they were in the bag in the DH closet from the move, only to find that there are more skirts from Miss A that I most definitely will need to give charity.  I then realised that I must have given them away in a "purge" when we were going through some closets getting the house ready before I was approved for surgery.  I guess I will never know how I will look in the CG jeans now.

My nose or more like the nose to brain to tummy connection has changed.  The Admin Assistant here at the day job (McCanBeIrish) likes to eat hot lunches.  This could be leftovers or something that she has gone out and bought.  So recently she has been brining in beef and that has made a nice smell in the ol' factory lobes.  Except for today.  Today it was a pasta alfredo thingy from the grocer's.  Well I walked into the lunchroom after her and wrinkled my nose.  Pre-surgery I lived on those little frozen suckers and relished in the smell.  I just went and grabbed my yogurt and protein chips for lunch.

So that is what has been up the past couple of days and sorry I don't have a topic related pic, so I will just post this one for you :)

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