Thursday 16 April 2015

RaNdOm tHoUgHtS

I have had some time to think, which I know is crazy and that is where all the spiders are coming from LOL

These are some thoughts that I have had in the past few days:

-Did you know that you can lose weight and shrink out of underwear?  Yup, this gal did it.  I had my "comfy" ones and I noticed when I was getting dressed I had "droopy drawers."

-I wasn't hungry yesterday so I didn't eat all that much but focused on proteins when I did and then I decided to eat a "meal" last night and I couldn't finish it!  Did I shrink the tiny tummy to surgery size?  Normally I am up to a yogurt cup and a "side" that is roughly the same size (an egg or cheese etc) But when I went to eat last night I could only get through half of what I made when I could eat almost all of it last week.  I guess I will take this new found tummy size and not push it.

-With weight loss come new issues.  I *love* the fact that I cross my legs but I also found out that it causes my knee caps to fall asleep.  I always have wanted to cross my legs like this:

It has been a goal of mine since I always thought the thinner we were the closer the legs got.  I now find that the leg underneath with have kneecap issues because the top leg sits on the muscle just before the knee cap.  I will uncross my legs and it is the weirdest sensation!
-The Tiny Tummy is giving me trials again.  What was good last month is a no go this month.  Just when I get it all figured out!  This go around I am having the sweats and the heart palpitations over orange juice.  Even if it is diluted.  The other thing is tortillas.  The Troll chats up a storm after eating a 1/4 of one so I guess I am going to just eat the filling out of them and I really liked quesadillas too!
-Lastly, I am on the hunt for some shrimp.  The kind that you have that is already seasoned that I can throw in the over 5-6 at a time.  I have a box in the freezer but I think it was from M&M and as we know that place isn't the cheapest for food.  So if you come across something like this please let me know so I can get some for the freezer that I can make when the DH works.
Thanks for listening to the randomness and who knows what I will post about next :)

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  1. I am a faithful PC product lover (borderline should be their spokesperson), and found their frozen garlic shrimp and love them on the bbq. Usually I'd just make up a quick baste myself but these are great to have in a pinch if you forget to marinate them.

    Sorry to hear about the tummy problems - it's the one thing that scares me the most about this process. A good friend has been almost 5 years post-op and she still complains about the random pains and knee jerk reactions it has sometimes.

    Hang in there!