Tuesday 21 April 2015

Still thinking.....

I have been lurking through a few new blogs and so old tried and true ones :)  One has brought something to light for me.  She is a runner and she has most definitely made good use of her time since she has dropped a whopping 130 pounds.

She is now training for a her runs and has mentioned that she is wanting to drop another 15 pounds before she starts back on the weights to "bulk up" and that she is going low carb (Phase 1 for Pooners) to so.  She also mentions how she is being using ketosis sticks to check her urine every morning to see if she is in fat burning mode.

I remember reading when she started he running that she wanted to tone and lose the weight.  Then she started doing little races and now she if flying to marathons.  I say good on her for being able to accomplish such a feat over the years and she rewards herself with a glass of red wine afterwards.

I have given it great thought (an that is as far as it gets) for taking the plunge into running but I think I will keep with the "dreadmill" as she calls it.

This go me thinking of a question that was asked of me at my last check up at TWH.  Have I replaced the food addiction with another.  Some folks it is shopping for new clothes and some have turned to chemical devices.  I said that I haven't and then we joked that I have started smoking after surgery since I didn't do it before LOL I don't think I have picked anything new up, but I did notice this morning that the bat wings are getting a bit bigger. I am not at tis point yet but I will be keeping them in check!

I also have been given the go ahead by Susanne to see her every other month.  She was concerned about my mental state after the surgery but she has been happy that I am happy.  She is glad that I am keeping the eating sensible and that I haven't be detrimental to myself like she has seen before.
I think that the honeymoon phase of the surgery is over.  My weight loss is slowing down almost stalling so the body has done what it can do on its own.  We were warned that this would happen at 6 months and I am almost at 5 months so since I am ahead of the curve on everything else, why not this?  So I will be most likely going for more walks where I can and less in front of FB ;)  Don't worry I will still be blogging since I *know* it kills you when you don't get an update :)
“If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”   -RuPaul

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