Saturday, 7 February 2015

Another trip around the sun

Well for my birthday I thought I would keep it low keys since I had the big BBQ in then summer so I just wanted to spend it with the DH.

We started off at IKEA since the table my brother built needed some different chairs than what we were using.  The table is sitting a bit higher than a regular table since the 17" chairs we have has us sitting with the table top at chest level.

So I suggested that we hit lunch at the IKEA restaurant and I ordered off the kid's menu!  I don't think that I could have eaten all 10 meatballs that came as an adult portion.  So the kids portion was 5 meatballs, mashed potatoes, yogurt and a milk.  Not bad for $4 LOL I got through a few meatballs and some spuds, I took the yogurt home and called it lunch.

We found some nice chairs that folded up so we applied the store credit we had from earlier and I apologised to Nikki that she had to travel with the chairs in the back.

From IKEA we headed to the movie theatre in Oakville to see a movie since I wanted to try out the VIP seating that they offered.  Boy was I glad that I did!  Look at how comfy this chair is!

So we paid a few extra bucks for the comfy chair and no one wasn't allowed in unless you were 19 since they had chair side services that offer alcohol and food. This is great since I didn't have to deal with young kids with their phones or dealing with them staring at Nikki and I since we were in the front row again.

We saw The Imitation Game and the DH mentioned that we were the youngest ones in the theatre but I didn't mind if I got a night away from younger kids. Yes this makes me sound old, but I will take the peace and quiet.

As we were leaving the DH looked down and said "look at the commoners leaving their theatre" and I said that I don't think I could slum by going to a regular theatre again LOL.  Mind you haven't seen a movie since then but when we talk about going again I ask if it for a VIP seat :)

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