Saturday 7 February 2015

Stepping up

Wow, tonight was a great leap for me.

At BWLSSG Tim mentioned that he hasn't eaten any red meats since his surgery since it doesn't agree with him.  Also SunshineHerder is afraid of salad since her blockage almost a year ago.

Now that I am onto whole foods, I tried a few things I was afraid of; carrots and steak.

I had some parboiled carrots with some chicken at lunch time and I really chewed and chewed and it went down well.  I was concerned that with it being as fibrous as they were they would case a blockage.  I waited patiently for the Tummy Troll to kick in and start digesting.  Well he started and off he went.  Phew, another thing to strike off the list.

Next up was steak art supper.  It was a nice piece that I ended up cutting off the DH steak before I started cooking it.  Just a simple dusting of salt, pepper and onion powder and cooked to well done.  I started off cutting it up into the little bites that I am to do and chewed and chewed.  I was surprised that after 40 chews (yes I count) that I didn't get it to the "applesauce" consistency that I was to get.  The closest I could get to was a fibrous mush so I swallowed and waited.

No negative signs so I tried again.

Same result of forever chewing and next thing I hear is the Tummy Troll digesting.  I am happy to say that 2 hours after eating, I am posting about it without and side affects!  Another item off the list.

Next adventure?  Perhaps some fresh fruit that has the peel or lettuce.

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