Thursday, 19 February 2015

More bend in the learning curve....

Easy go, easy come.  I know it is backwards but that is the only I can explain the 5 pounds I have gained from Monday morning.

I am getting my protein in each day, I am drinking lots of fluids but most likely not enough, and I think it is what I ate.

On the OH forum, they say that it is easy to slip into old habits and I think I might have done that this week.  I know I have the mindset of eating what I want but in smaller portions and I have been keeping to that.  I think it is the type of food I have been eating. 
On Monday DentisT, Nash and I get together for a binge watch of a show called Once Upon a Time on Netflix.  So with that, we eat dinner while we watch the episodes.  This time around I thought I would make ceasar salad to go with some pizza from the second job.  I ordered an ultra-thin crust that was well cooked so that the little yeastie buddies would be well deactivated for the tiny tummy.  Well I had ¾ of a slice and then the toppings off a second one that had bbq sauce and honey garlic sauce.  At this point the tummy troll grumbled so I called it quits.
Tuesday I made chicken with swiss cheese and sliced ham on it.  I was craving mashed potatoes and I found that I was eating that first and not the chicken.  Mind you the tummy didn’t like the swiss cheese since I had a slice while I was making supper and it didn’t sit too nicely.  I found out talking to others on the OH board that the drier cheeses are tougher to get through.  So I guess the cheese just sat there and really didn’t get digested.
That leaves yesterday…..I was in a webinar sitting at my desk and I found that the mindless eating set in.  I had a few sunchips and a few squares of chocolate that I bought at the food court.  This was 1.5 hours after I had my installment of Swiss Chalet chicken and some pudding not the typical 3.
So today I am sticking to what I call “pure proteins” (milk, chicken salad) and staying away from the “white stuff’ and I don’t mean snow or cocaine LOL
I guess I need the smack to realise that things are proportional to the tummy now.  Before surgery, eating like this wouldn’t have mattered in these small amounts but it does with a small tummy.

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