Saturday 7 February 2015

Really hungry

I had a root canal done and I was torn on whether to eat before I headed out since I new it was going to take 2 hours at 5 pm.  But then I thought that I didn't have time to brush my teeth so I didn't want to make my mouth dirty so I passed on the eating.  So when I got there was hungry but stuck it out.

Well my dentist likes to use orajel before he started the freezing which is great until I swallowed. Well with the tiny tummy, there was enough orajel in my saliva to stop the hunger.  This was just odd in my mind.  I didn't think that such something this would have such an affect on the tummy.

I think about how food affects my tummy or how pills affect my tummy but not the contents of my saliva would. Who knew?

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