Tuesday 17 February 2015

Well I'll be darned!

I had a session with Susanne and she informed met that I now weigh less than when I first started seeing her while at Dr. Poon!

One thing we talked about was the thoughts of "getting my money's worth" out of something.  I am finding that since I am a "life long member of the BLT group" I feel like I am wasting food.  If I am craving a square of chocolate (as an example) I feel that after I have taken the square, the rest of the bar will sit in the cupboard and I am not sure when the next craving will for chocolate will hit.  So what happens to that bar? It can either sit or be eaten.  But in my mind I don't want to waste that $1 so I feel compelled to eat it.

I talked to the DH when I got home and he said that I shouldn't fret over it since it is only a dollar.  He never once has said to me that I was wasteful when it came to food and most of the time he eats leftovers or they go to the girls as a special supper.  So I just need to put the food away and not worry about.  I guess that will be my goals until the next session with Susanne.

As of Family Day I am officially down 45 pounds!

The part the gets me is that I started this journey I was the 250-300 range and looking at the chart below I well above the curve of weight loss.  I am not complaining by no stretch of the imagination, but it is nice to see that I am excelling at something LOL

Expected Weight Loss after Gastric Bypass Surgery
 Average **EBWL %For patients weighing 200-250#For patients weighing 250-300#For patients weighing 300-400#For patients weighing 400-500#
10 days-2 weeks10%10#12-12#10-30#10-25#
by 6 weeks15-20%15-25#15-25#25-35#25-45#
by 3 months25%25-35#25-35#35-55#35-60#
by 6 months50%35-45#45-60#50-80#50-90#
by 18 months50-8%70+ #80+#100+#100+#

I had to venture out for some skirts for the office this weekend after my session with Susanne.  After 2 hours and 5 stores later I came home with 2 more skirts.  Well my woes were on FB and DentisT decided to raid her closet.  She though I was smaller than I am since she brought over some skirts that were 2 sizes smaller than me!  So I kept one to keep as a reference and I told her that once I get onto that one she can bring back the other ones for me to wear LOL  Also Mom has heard about it all and she has someone that is "tall like me" that is clearing out her closet and has some jeans that Mom is bringing over next time she comes. 

I guess I will need to start purging the closets soon.

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