Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Well that was embarassing.........

Yesterday I spent the last of my Target gift card that I got from at Christmas.  With them closing the stores up here so stuff is off from 10%-30% off the original prices.  They had the sales start last Thursday and I was expecting some slim pickings after the weekend but it wasn't too bad.  So I picked up "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Monty Python's "Holy Grail" and "The Princess Bride" and some dog bones.  I think that I am done with Target now since I really couldn't find much in clothes and  shoes but did find a handbag in red at Christmas and went back and bought the same one in brown at the sales.

Then I had dinner with Curl at Montana's since Miss Mel-Mel was at the groomers for a few hours and they were in the same parking lot.  I was looking through the menu and I found nothing that really jumped out at me that I really had a craving for to eat.  I have been finding lately that I go in waves of cravings.  After surgery, I couldn't get enough egg salad or yogurt.  This time around it is Swiss Chalet chicken with the house sauce as well as Kozy Kabin tapioca pudding. So I settled on a kid's size chicken breast and asked for steamed veggies.  I KNOW!!!! I ASKED FOR VEGGIES!  I am noticing after surgery I don't mind steamed broccoli or cauliflower.  Where as before I would smother them in cheese sauce, butter or ranch dip.

We had a good chat over dinner for a few hours and we stated talking about my surgery and how things have been going.  Well I started to tell her about lunch with Hicks and how I whipped out my card like a pro to the waitress.  I was going to show Curl the card and I went to reach for my wallet.  That is when I found out I didn't have it.  O_o I started to panic, just because of the fact I couldn't pay for my kid's meal or get Miss Mel-Mel from the groomers!

Lucky for me Curl was an awesome friend and said that my $11 was on her and she could Mel's grooming bill on her CC.  I was almost in tears when we had this conversation and it good to know that I have such a good friend!

So we sprung Mel from the groomers and I headed home doing the speed limit in the DH's truck so I wouldn't get pulled over and the DH said my wallet wasn't in the car where my purse was sitting earlier this afternoon.

So that means there is one place left.  My desk at the office from when I went to Target. Lo and behold there is was when I came back in this morning.

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