Saturday, 7 February 2015

They like me!

I had my 3 month probation review at the office and I had a pretty good chat with my manager.

Items that were brought up were:
-I have great communication skills with those in the office and out. 
-I have taken on knowledge of the new software very well 
-I am willing to try to solve issues before asking others which they thought was great.
-I was also told that they enjoy me at the office and was wondering how I was dealing with things.  Well I tol them that Nikki is the one to answer that since she is the one that I look to for signs of things I don't see.  If I am in stressed enviroment Nikki will pace and try to get me out.  WIth Nikki sleeping at this office I said it was a great example how comfortable I am.  I mentioned that when I worked at the other place that Nikki would be so exahusted from the day that she would climb onto the gray couch and sleep right though suppertime. The manager was surprised at this, but it was truth.

So when everything was said, they have put forth a proposal to have me for a fourth day a week, but we need to see if it approved.  So I am not counting my chickens quite yet.

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