Saturday, 7 February 2015

Christmas with my family

My family is pretty relaxed on getting together over the holidays so I really didn't mind that we get together until after New Year's.

If I was smart enough I should have waited to buy the turkey and the Christmas presents haha.  But as it was I was able to snag the last frozen turkey that I normally get at the grocer's.  At this point I was going to pay whatever it was just to get it.  I was able to get the meal all pulled it together for when they were to get here for 2.  We had quite a bit of mashed foods since I was just getting into the "soft foods" stage of my recovery.  After all the cooking we did, my mom mentions that we didn't have peas.  O_o  I guess I will have to make a point of making them again when she is over next LOL

My brother was great and built us a custom table for the kitchen since I always enjoyed having meals at a table so the DH and I can catch up with each other instead of in front of the tv.  I think it looks great since my brother was able to match the colour of the stain to my cupboards since he took a drawer front at Thanksgiving.

Now I just need some chairs...........

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