Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December 11

Here is a day that I was kind of looking forward to.  The office is having a Christmas party at Boston Pizza.  We had a preset menu that we need to choose from way back in November so of course I panicked thinking I couldn’t eat anything.  So I talked to the Boss and asked what I should do.  She suggested to get something that freezes well and I can thaw it out when the time comes that I can eat it.

So I looked at the menu and saw pumpkin soup that I would make as my appetizer and main, take the barbecued pork chops and mashed potatoes for the freezer and for dessert the apple caramel lava cake could either freeze or the DH could have it.
I can to the office a little later and bless the DH for thinking of me and woke me at 6:30 am to get into the shower LOL
The office called all the staff at 2 pm to see who was still attending since we had a dumping of snow and we thought that there might only be a few of us.  Well instead of the original 39 we ended up with about 28! 
I sat beside a guy I knew on paper from doing the payroll and also sat across from the Director of the company.  I was able to carry on conversations with them both and still enjoyed myself.  The guy to the left of me (BritishSgt) kept commenting on how I thought the soup was bad because I didn’t eat all that much.  I was lucky to get the rest in boxed or I am sure that he would have rumbled me for it LOL.  There was a lot of wine and talking so by the time 9 pm rolled around I was pretty tired.

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