Thursday 11 December 2014

Tuesday December 2

Will the night of sleeping wasn't too great.  Buddy on the left had to be flipped every 2 hours and buddy at the foot of my bed insisted on watching TV at all hours, and along with my back pain I think I was get 1 1/2 sleeping intervals.

So I was somewhat excited when I found out that I was getting some breakfast to break up the monotony of the ice chips.  I wasn't expecting eggs and bacon but I was looking forward to something that had flavour and wasn't opti LOL

This is what I got:

High protein Jell-O (orange flavour) and  "bariatric fruit juice"  I still shudder at it all.  The Jell-O made my tummy hurt after a teaspoon so I thought I would move onto the drink.  Bleck.  Fiona thought is was great and couldn't get enough of the drink!  She said it tasted like banana and the DH sniffed it and said it reminded him of pineapple. Either way I drank it reluctantly and the DH kept making me deals to get it into me.  2 little cups of ice to one little cup of juice, or you get a 15 minute break and you have a little cup of juice etc.

I was able to get all my IV's and leg compressors off for good.  This gave me more mobility and independence to roam around. It felt good go pee on my own without the whole ward knowing about it.

I decided to go for another walk and we stopped in to see Fiona and she was having a visit from the dietician.  That is where I found out that I needed to take 15 minutes to get an ounce in me and I need to do this every 15 minutes.  I never had a cup out of my hand!  This was going to take some ingenuity to figure out how to get the drinking in and the walking.  So I ended up waddling through the halls with a cup of ice chips.  Not much to spill if I did and it kept my temperature down. So Fiona and I started walking together and her family and the DH were behind us we went ad it was odd having a whole entourage come with us.

I was walking with the DH and we noticed that there were little blue feet on the walls with a little 10 underneath them.  Then we found out that a lap around the ward was a 100 metres! That is 328.084 ft for those of you that aren't up to date on the metric system lol.  So on Tuesday I did 8 laps of the ward so you can do the math. 

Lunch came and it was a repeat of breakfast.  I was told there was to be broth and it didn't make it to the tray.  I didn't get the Jell-O into me since it still hurt my tummy and the nurse mentioned that it might be too high in sugar and I am not the first to have an issue.  So the DH was able to catch the lunch server and asked about the broth and he said that he would be back up with it.  And he did and I have never been happier to have some broth!  We added some protein to the soup and it tasted like the crackers I have tasted like these crackers that I have tasted in the US.  Hey at this point I will take any kind of resemblance of a flavour!

The afternoon was more walking and supper was a repeat of lunch but with veggie broth.  Still tasted the same to me LOL

They kept asking me if I had tooted and I kept coming back with a no.  One day I was going to do it and needed to have one before I left.  The little Brother and the girlfriend stopped in after supper and we headed off to the visitors lounge since buddy on the left soiled himself and the odor was really strong.  Well I guess that half a lap was all I needed since I tooted!  I was happy to go back and tell the nurse what I did so she could stop asking!

I was also told before I went to bed that my breakfast tray would have cream of wheat and some other goodies on it since I was stepping up my intake.  Ahhhhhh morning breakfast cereal........

The DH finally ventured off after tucking me in for the night and I asked for something to knock me out for the night.

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