Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shaking it up a little bit......

I thought that I would shake things up a little bit yesterday (as much I can do LOL) about changing the title of this blog and it was my first day of "eating out."

So I did change it since now me and my tiny tummy are together for life and I am sure that there will be times that I will be posting about it.  Some folks have decided to name their tummy but I am most likely not going to go that far.

As for my lunch out yesterday I was able to meet up with Vicks and NavyWife for some lunch at Swiss Chalet that was half way for all of us.  I chose the Swiss Chalet since I thought it was a pretty safe bet to eat at.  If I couldn't find anything to eat then at least I knew I could have a cup of the chicken noodle soup that was on the menu.

Well I asked what the soup "special" was and was told that it was "loaded baked potato."  Cream of potato soup with bacon and chives.  As tempting as that was, I knew I am not on bacon yet. So I ordered the 3 cheese with spinach and artichoke dip.  Once the words came out of my mouth I started to think of SunshineHerder and how she had a blockage with romaine lettuce.  Was I pushing it too early with the spinach and artichoke?  I guess I won't know until the food comes to the table.

Our lunches came to the table and I was more than happy to pull out m spoon the DH has bought me.  They are the little plastic baby spoons and it really keeps me from taking too much in at a time.  Who knows I just might keep them in my purse to use forever LOL.  When it come to more solid food the BWLSSG has shown me a trick with my knife and fork to cut thing small enough but liquids might always be my nemesis.

Anyway, I tried a little bite and waited........nothing.  Tried another little bite and still nothing.  I can eat it!!!!!! I made sure that I chewed it thoroughly and I am glad that I did since there were a few bits of artichoke fibre that didn't make it past the gums.

So 3 hours later of chatting I looked at my plate and had half of it left.  I felt full and still pushed the plate away.  I was more than happy to take that home for leftovers and most likely will eat it at the second job tonight.

Or so I thought.  I made supper for the DH and the 2ndChild before I left and I dashed out without grabbing it.  So I thought I would go to Subway again and attempt to get the egg salad in a bowl.  I get a text from the DH saying that my spinach dip was still in the fridge.  I told him what I had done and he offered to bring it over.  It is nice that he is still looking after me this long after surgery.  He even put my little spoon in the container so I would have one. I still went over to Subway so I could have egg salad for lunch and I needed a milk to got with my supper.  So here is what I had for supper.  Mind you I didn't have the milk all in one sitting.  That I nursed until well after 10 pm LOL

So I am glad that I was a little more adventurous today and was still able to "play it safe" LOL

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