Tuesday 16 December 2014

Monday December 15

I got my days mixed up again……I was all excited for our HO luncheon and didn’t grab a lunch.  Then I get in and found out that it was next Monday.  Now what I am going to do for lunch?  What would a food court offer that is pureed? Well I took Nikki and I to Target since I found out that they had a grocery section and wandered up and down the aisles.  Believe it or not I never had anything jump out at me saying “eat me” like I would have in the past.  I really didn’t want to hit the baby food section and then I thought of something I saw Miss A have waaay back when we were working together.  She had bought a little lunch snack of tuna and crackers.  The tuna came mixed up already so I thought I would give it a go.  Well the box said “light tuna” but it was more like “light on the mayo” but I was able to get some into me and that filled me up really fast.  I didn’t even make it a half way in.  This is how much it made.

Tonight since DentisT is back again to get caught up on Once Upon a Time.  She is such a hoot since she yells at the TV.  She is liking the drinking game too.
So I thought that since Nash was going to be in I would grab a roasted chicken, potato wedges and the yellow macaroni the DH likes.  While I was there I got my debit card looked at since it was acting up.
I got Nikki and I home in time for the DH to have a bite before heading off to the second job and that left Nash and I to finish eating DentisT didn’t eat since she had dental work done and half her face was still numb.
I started clearing the leftovers and I slipped into an old habit.  As I was putting stuff away I was licking spoons, tossing bites of potato in my mouth when I closed up the potato wedges box and I as I deboned the chicken I was even eating some of that.  Pretty normal for me pre-surgery.
This time I didn’t have the same results.  I have been able to eat fairly well so far throughout this process without much pain, vomiting or “dumping.”  I am concerned that without any of these “signs” I am afraid of stretching my tummy and all of this was for nothing. C and FloridaJack are 2 folks that I know that have gone through this and have gone back to their original weight. I want to be a success story for this and I want to make myself proud of doing it. I guess I need to talk to Susanne about it all and perhaps a few of those at BWLSSG.
As I digress, I had this horrible pain in my back and chest.  I found myself hitting my chest trying to get whatever it was to move and it didn’t.  I no sooner acknowledged the thought I found myself hunched over the kitchen sink. It came on so fast that I couldn’t even take the 8 extra steps to the bathroom.  It was everything I ate while cleaning up.  I am still trying to find out if it was because a) I didn’t chew it enough, b) I ate too much period, or c) ate all too fast or d) all of the above.  I will tell you that I definitely don’t want to have that feeling again.
I apologised to Nash since she was trying to get to downstairs and she couldn’t deal with the sound.  So during a brief break she dashed downstairs and I texted her an apology.
Once it was all over I had the “foamies” and I will need to look into that as well so I better get scouring my message boards.

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