Monday, 15 December 2014

Wednesday December 3rd

Well last night I slept much better than I have previously.  I asked for some meds and I made sure that I slept with an eye mask and ear plugs too.  I think not having to worry about wires and IV’s made a difference too.

Well I am ready to bust out of the hospital since I felt pretty dependent (with the DH help LOL)  I was really looking forward to my new breakfast of Cream of Wheat and other little surprises were on my tray.  Well be darned it if it was flippin’ jello and that drink again.  I called the nurse over and asked what the story was and she said that the kitchen didn’t get a new request for new foods.  The DH started calling me Sassy Mcgrumpypants and I should just take lump it.  Well then the nurse dropped the little bug that they can request a “late tray” and it would have the right things on it.  Well I was going to wait for the later tray just as the nutritionist and the discharge nurse stopped in.  I never did get my 2 tray :(

I was out of the hospital for 10 and the DH tried his hardest not to hit all the bumps on the road but the TTC street car tracks are kind of hard to miss. We also commented on how rough the roads were in our home town especially when you are trying to avoid them.

I was glad to get home to see the dogs in particular Nikki since I had not seen her since I left the wee hours on Monday.  I was expecting the usual grumpy “how dare you” speech but I didn’t even get that.  She actually walked right past me to Grandma and wanted snuggles from her.  I was snubbed!  The DH called Nikki up on the couch with me and all I got was butt.  At this point I could tell she was mad.

The DH tucked me away for a nap after some heavy meds since the car ride was a little tough.  It wasn’t the side to side, it was the pulling of gravity on my tummy. I guess I am glad that Wonderland is closed for the season LOL

I heard a bit of whining at the foot of the bed so I called Nikki up and again I got the butt but I figure at this point her separation anxiety was getting the better of her.  It wasn’t until I was back on the couch at supper time I finally got a good snuggle.

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