Thursday, 11 December 2014

Monday Dec 1

Well the day is here and I was up at 3 am to head out.  I packed up what I could on Saturday and just had a few last minute things to get into the bag.  I am sure I over packed but I wasn’t taking any chances.  We got to the hospital for 5 and was told that registration didn’t open until 6.  So we waited and used a secret WiFi for the hospital for a bit.

Once 545 rolled around we headed off to the registration.  We were the first few to get there and then closer to 6 the line formed in the hallway.  Believe it or not things are upgrading in hospitals.  Now meds are all done by a QR code.  So the computer file is opened and wouldn’t dispense meds until the QR was scanned.

Once I was registered I was placed in a gown that ran hot air around my body and I was informed that there has been a study that shows that warmer bodies prior to surgery have a less chance of getting infections.
She's calmer than I am!
So by the time I was all cozy and warm they escorted the DH to pre-op when I met my anesthesiologist and talked over what was going to happen.  Then I walked to surgery. Yes walked to surgery.  I climbed up on the table and remember getting stuff hooked up and a poor OR nurse who was “well endowed” and every time I moved I brush up against her.  I joked that I was going to have to buy her flowers at this rate.
Next thing I know I am in a room coming out of a nap being asked if I was in pain or felt like vomiting.  Then I drifted back out. I remember overhearing one nurse saying “I wish my recovery patient was like Ms. Thompson since she has done nothing but sleep.” So I figured that it was okay and I went back to sleep again LOL
It wasn’t until around 3 when I finally looked at clock and felt rested enough to see what the world was up to. I had some pain in my back and I am not sure from sleeping or from the CO2 they put in me to keep me deflated.  Either way I couldn’t comfortable.
Finally at 430 I got wheeled up to my room and I took another bit of a nap.  Once the DH came up after some supper I had enough of the neighbour that was the south of me and need to leave the room.  He was a grumpy so-n-so and I couldn’t take how he was treating his wife.
At this point I met a new friend from the message board and I will call her Fiona.  Since for some reason I thought that was her name LOL. We were able to compare notes since we had the same doctor and her surgery was the one after mine. 
I finally decided to call it night around 830 after enjoying some ice chips to try to drown the icky taste in my mouth.

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