Monday, 15 December 2014

December 8th

Well I made it to the office today.  I think that Nikki was glad to get back into the routine.

I came armed with my little cups, soup, yogurt, cottage cheese and all my protein shakes.  I was able to get through the day and didn’t even touch much of the stuff in my lunch bag since the shakes take soooooo long to get through.  But the time I finish one I had to start on the next one in the afternoon.

I was able to get DentisT hooked on Once Upon a Time tonight.  It was great watching the episodes that Nash and I had watched since we applied the “drinking” game to it.  I drank my protein shake, DentisT had a large water bottle and Nash had her Coke.  It was great but I should have kick DentisT out earlier since I was trying to live life like I was pre-surgery.

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