Wednesday 18 July 2012

2 biggies at once....

1) buying a swimsuit and 2) wearing it that afternoon!

Saturday was a day away for the DH and I so we headed to the Canada's Wonderland Water Park for a good portion of the day.  We have season's passes so we figure that we are never really in a rush to get the most packed into a day's pass.
Well I am glad that I didn't hit the pool at the VP's since the swimsuit I took ended up causing me to fall out of places that would have rivalled Janet Jackson's Superbowl performance LOL  I looked at the label and found out that it was a 20W form many moons ago!  So as most of you know sizes are no longer what they used to be so I figure that I am doing pretty darn good!

I was was constantly fidgeting with it in the bathroom mirror and the DH said "let's just get you a new one on the way to the park and I will get a new set of trunks too."  I was a little reluctant to hit the store but I did find something that fit my long torso and I don't fall out LOL  I am in a 2X right now, which is a heck of a lot better than the 3X tees I used to put over it!

We got to the park and changed our clothes and I went "au natural" which means no shirt on or a towel around my waist.  It was mentioned to me that no matter what I think, there is someone that is going to be bigger than me and since everyone else is worried about what they look like, they won't be worried about me.  And they were right.  There were some that were at the water park that I just wanted to give them a mirror so that the shouldn't wear blue strips horizontally if you are over 300 pounds! I also made the assumption that another girl that had to sit at the side of the wave pool and have her DH rub her ankles since the weight of herself made them sore being in the water.  It put a lot into perspective for me.

As I walked around I felt proud of myself since I wasn't the biggest on there and I thought if anyone judges me, they don't know what I started from and where I am going to end up.  Their ignorance is my bliss :)

As for food?  Well I hit the Manchu Wok and ordered the beef stir fry and a side of veggie.  They asked me which I wanted either rice or noodles, so I got the noodles and the DH ate some :)  IT worked out for the DH and I to eat this way, since I ate all his mushrooms and celery while he ate my little corn and carrots.  For dinner we hit the Marketplace Buffet and they had a decent selection for me. I hit the taco bar and loaded up on the lettuce with a hint of sour cream and a Tbsp of the ground beef.  They had a carver there too for the roast beef I had, plus they had cooked chicken that I had as well.  As I was wondering around, I cam across the Cesar salad bar, so I loaded up again on the lettuce and they had cucumbers there as well.  I did feel thirsty the next day I figure that it was because of the salt that was in meat.  The DH mentioned to a staff member that there really needs to be more sugar free desserts for diabetics and healthy conscious visitors......Gotta love him :)

Headed home feeling relaxed, and looking forward to when we go back again!

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