Monday 9 July 2012

Made it

Well the Con is now over and after 2 full days of guests, panels and checking on our fan booth I think I did okay meal wise over the weekend.  I really fell short on water but I am sure that I will really feel it today.

Thanks to a good friend Na who was working the staff lounge I was able to eat some lunches from there.  I just hope that she didn't get mad at me for disassembling her roast beef sandwiches to get at the roast beef to go along with my green veggies.  I was often tempted to give in and grab a hot dog and slap on some mayo and relish, but I was glad that the DH was there to get my food or I would have.  I did keep away from the bowl of salt water taffy that the model room had place on the info desk for the weekend promoting the model show.  There were even tootsie rolls in it and they are soooo delish!

The big let down of my eating was the trip to Jack Astor's with C and we thought we were making a good choice.  We order the Shanghai Lettuce Wraps which are crispy diced chicken breast tossed with a sweet chili hoisin sauce, crisp noodles, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds served with fresh iceberg lettuce cups.  We ordered these with various items removed and we though we did pretty darn good until it came to the table.  I guess I missed the part about "crispy" since the diced chicken was breaded and I missed the texture of this since it was swimming in the sauce.  So I tried to keep as much of the sauce in the bowl and just continued to eat it.  We both did really good and passed on the dessert menu :)

I did get my picture with Wil Wheaton and as soon as it hits my inbox I will post it.

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