Tuesday 10 July 2012

Tried to cut a corner......

I have come to a realisation coming into work this morning.....I know call Guinness LOL

I was told by Dr. Crystal at the clinic that I needed to take a multivitamin while on the program along with calcium/magnesium and vitamin D.  I went through a "women's" multivitamin and had great success on the diet.  Once I ran out if the women's one a day, I went back to the pharmacy and noticed that there was one there that helped me digest carbs (not sure which ones) but I though that it would have given me an edge in my weight loss.

Well I had a weight gain for 8 pounds last month and I had a "don't give a flying fig newton" attitude when it came to my food.  I wasn't caring what I was putting in my mouth and was eating no stop.  I thought I was at the end of my will power and wasn't sure what to do.  The DH even was texting with P as an intervention LOL.

Well I went through the bottle of the carb assisted (except for one) pills and it was very difficult to stick to the plan and of course I gained.  So I headed back to the pharmacy and decided to go back to the women's one a day.  I tossed the single light green pill into the bottle of white ones and thought I would take it when it came back out of the bottle.  I have been back on the women's one a day for about a half bottle when the little light green one popped out.

Well that was yesterday....I felt like there wasn't enough food in the house, I would look at the Phase 1 food I had in the house and was closing the door again in the search of  "bad food"  I thought that B1 (Thiamine) was to help with the brain's function but I guess I am wired differently (aren't we all?)  So the only thing I can think of is that the carb ones were the only thing that was different yesterday. I stayed home to sleep from the Con and worked in the evening so it was pretty much a Sunday type day for me and the only thing that was different was the little green pill.

Looking back I feel that once I on the women's one a day I feel like I can tackle my weigh loss with new hope and vigour.  So I am not looking for an excuse for the weight gain, but it is nice to know that cutting corners really isn't worth all the hassle.

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