Wednesday 11 July 2012

Big 'Ol Fat Goose Egg

I haven't seen Dr, Crystal in a while but I have been seeing a different younger doctor called Dr. Macie I think.  Well this is my 3rd visit with him and even though he is compassionate like Dr. Crystal is, this guy sets goals for me to reach.  He wasn't too keen that I had lost a pound of fat but gained a pound of water and that equals a good old fat zero in my mind.  So he has told me to some serious walking in (or even a jog in) and he wants to see 4 pounds at our next visit in 2 weeks.

After hearing the successes that C had at hers I felt like I had let myself down. There is the potential of making leaps and bounds with this new way of life and I guess I need to have a talk with myself and figure if I am going to sh!t or get off the pot.....

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