Thursday 5 July 2012

Starting to turn around

I woke up this morning with the usual check list of things to do running through my head.......have a shower, pack lunches, take my pills etc...What makes this morning a little different is my mind stayed on what to make for lunches.  Normally I am the kind that makes sliced turkey breast with a dot or 2 of mustard wrapped up in a lettuce leaf and a side of cucumber coins.  Easy poesy and I eat about 4 of the wraps and keep on trucking.  This morning I decided that I wanted a salad....yes a salad.  I was excited to make it with mushrooms, cucumber, and some Greek dressing I picked up in Elliot Lake.

If you asked me a 5 years ago what I was going to have for lunch, I would have told you I couldn't decide between a few slices from Topper's or a big mac combo with a milk shake.

Wow I have come a long way!

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