Friday, 13 July 2012

Update and Friday the 13th....

Last night was a blast!  I enjoyed the beef and chicken skewers and a salad that had some shredded lettuce, cucumbers, feta, olives (left those behind) and that had was tossed in oil & vinegar dressing.  The VP them came out with a sweet tray and fruit platters for dessert and I stayed away from those...very proudly in fact :)  I did give into the cashews she brought out and I think I am paying for it now......I feel like my stomach is distended like I gained 40 pounds!

I am not superstitious by any means but I think that they got the memo at Longo's today.  This is where we decided to grab lunch since they have a salad bar and a hot plate section and you pay by the 100/gm.  L and I have headed out on few Fridays (now it is a regular thing apparently) and F decided to join us too.  We got there and it was a little bit busier than normal but I wasn't going to worry about.  There was a baked turkey breast with sage and basil, the regular pot roast, other fish dishes, an assortment of pastas and veggies.

Well I decided on a small slice of turkey breast, a small piece of pot roast (no gravy) some sauteed mushrooms and thought I would splurge and had a single manicotti that was smaller than what I have experienced in the past. One the lady put my meat in, she proceeded to close it up an weigh it to tell me a price.  She didn't ask if I wanted more or anything.  When she came back I told her I wanted more and she looked a bit bewildered LOL  So she added the extras and recalculated it. L hit the salad bar and F hit the sushi bar and grabbed some blueberries and we were on our way.

I get back to the office to see that the sweets from the night before were still sitting out so I proceeded to eat my lunch not really staring at them but had a great conversation with AN since she was there too.

I cut the fat off the roast beef for Nik and started in the beef only to find that it was salty......could be from the way I am eating now or it really was.  But either way I didn't finish it. Next I tried a bite of the manicotti only to find that tasted horrible too.  So I tried a few mushrooms to find that they were rolled in butter or something oily that coated the mushrooms.  So that left the turkey (for those of you keeping track) I took the bit of skin off the outside and it was yummy!!!!!  So I enjoyed the turkey breast and my MiO water and called that lunch with my other half of my "doughnut."  Nikki really enjoyed her kibble with the rest of my lunch today LOL.

AM just came to my desk and informed me that she is having a brownie on my behalf since it was telling her too LOL  I am glad that there are folks here starting to catch on to what I am doing :)

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