Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Third time isn't a charm.....

I saw Dr. Mercie tonight (on the right day I might add :) ) to find out that I have stayed the same.  Sure there might have been some fat loss but my body is holding onto the water like I am a camel.

So he wants to put me on a super strict Phase 1.  What does that mean to you non-Pooners?  So I am going to be eating egg whites, lean meats and veggies that are grown about ground.  This means I no longer can have my Arctic Zero Ice Cream, no Poon approved doughnuts from the clinic and no more cranberries or pecans on my commercial salads.  I might even skip over the commercial fast chain meats because of the sodium..

So I apologise if I get cranky because there might be a little cranky carb addict trying to get out LOL

Until next time just remember this:

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  1. Nice. Well if you come at me with a fork and knife I'll know enough to run.