Saturday, 7 July 2012

Meeting Up

One thing I like about conventions is that it gives me a chance to rekindle friendships that I keep all year via different social medias.

This weekend is no different wit a sci-fi & fantasy convention in Toronto.  I  met up with my other 2 friends that hove become 'Pooners because of my way of living and the results I have achieved.  C is having her second weigh in today and then P has to get her wedding dress adjusted because of her 30 pound weight loss!!!  P is upset that some of her weight loss in her breasts, but she is happy with her weight loss.

With that being said C went and did some shopping at the Thornhill office and found (like the rest of us) it was hit or miss on what her taste buds would enjoy.  Well she didn't like the hot cereals or the or the sesame treats so when we met up last night I inherited some food :)

I am going to need it I think since I have my picture with Wil Wheaton today and the shirt I have on (missed doing some laundry because of being in Elliot Lake) was bought on a shopping spree when I was 10 pounds lighter and it fits just where it needs to :(  I could blame the washer from the last time I wash it but who am I kidding?  I guess I will just need to stand up straight and suck the paunch in when we are posing LOL.  Don't worry, I will post the pic when I get it :)

At least with C & P at the con this weekend I will have someone to confuse the wait staff with when we make or Phase 1 requests for our meals.

Enjoy your weekend and stay on the wagon.

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